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Renown Drop Deck Beavertail

on , in Product Updates by Lode King Lode King

Let’s take a guided tour through our 2019 Renown Drop Deck Beavertail trailer. Our Beavertail option is a brand new model in our Renown series. It has a steel mainframe, with top and bottom flanges being all steel. We join that together with all aluminum cross members, an aluminum outer rail, as well as aluminum knee bracing.

The Renown series is lighter weight than the Forceline trailers. This particular trailer can be ordered with a lot of options including the aluminum side rail, sliding wenches on a track, and different lighting packages. The standard flooring is either aluminum or fir floor. The trailer featured in our video has a hardwood floor.

This trailer will be used in a heavy duty application. It has a 95,000-pound maximum, uniformly distributed load rating. Depending on the length of the trailer, on the wheelbase, if it’s a 41-foot trailer it will have a rating of 52,000 pounds on a four foot on center load rating. You also have a concentrated load of 10 feet or on 20 feet.

If you would like to know which options we have available on this Renown trailer, contact your local Lode King dealer and they would be happy to talk to you.

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